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Discreet breastfeeding

Mammae allow discreet breastfeeding. You are always at your ease, wherever you are, whoever is around. No need to sit apart anymore or to cover your breasts with shawls or cloths.

You can breastfeed without exposing your breasts, meaning that you are more at ease and therefore the milk flows easily, which is ideal for a hungry baby.

Because of the revolutionary options provided you can chose for discreet breastfeeding or for maximum skin contact.

The small opening leaves your breast covered and only the nipple and the areola are uncovered.

Open wider and a larger part of your breast is uncovered. This gives maximum skin contact. 


Less risk for cracked nipples

To prevent cracked nipples, lactation experts advise to support heavy breasts with a rolled-up tissue or to softly lift them with your hand. This allows the baby to drink without releasing the nipple. The reason is that continuously releasing the breast causes cracked nipples.

By the support provided by the underwire and the power-net, your breasts and the nipple are lifted. The nipple reaches the correct position and there is no need for baby to pull the nipple ‘horizontally’. This means less risk for cracked nipples.


Less risk for stripes

You can try to avoid stripes by wearing a good bra that permanently supports your breasts. Ordinary breastfeeding bras often provide support during wearing but not during breastfeeding. And precisely then the breasts are at their ‘heaviest’. Mammae provides support during breastfeeding, meaning that the skin does not have to carry the weight of the breasts.


Expressing milk hands free

Breast expressers fit between the flaps of the inner cup and remain in place, meaning that there is no need for extra accessories and that expressing milk goes hands free. Ideal for fast expressing milk at work.



Mammae lingerie makes you shine. Trendy colours in an attractive design make you feel the ultimate woman. You radiate and feel self-secure.

The preformed outer cup camouflages nipples and breast pads, which means that you can wear the bra perfectly under tight garments. It is impossible to see that you wear a breastfeeding bra, while still enjoying all comfort.

The Mammae can moreover be worn perfectly under a top or a low-cut dress.

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