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Our history

We both became a mother for the first time around three years ago. Eva gave birth to a boy, Martine a girl. Becoming a mother was one of the most important experiences in our life.

We wanted to feel good and meet the day with a positive attitude. Unfortunately, the breastfeeding bras available back then made us look more like grandma than mum. And it was a real carry-on trying to breastfeed without baring our breasts. Other friends who were also breastfeeding at the time faced the same problems. Some of them even decided to stop because it was all so complicated.

The Mammae

This got us thinking about designing and manufacturing the perfect breastfeeding bra. We put together a model description and produced a prototype, which was very well received. We entered a number of competitions to see what the professionals thought of our idea.

We did very well, getting to the final every time and even winning some competitions. We earned huge media attention, with appearances on TV and radio, and articles in newspapers and magazines.
Everyone agreed that we were an innovative Belgian brand destined for a great future. That was the start of a fantastic journey. We took the decision to set up our own company ‘BVBA BEAUnen’ and to immerse ourselves in Mammae.

Registered brands

The names Beaunen and Mammae are registered brand names. Various patent applications are filed to protect the Mammae breastfeeding bra and specific aspects of same. This is unique in the world of lingerie.

Latest Mammae novelties

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