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Frequently asked questions

  • I have heavy breasts. Which model do you recommend for me?

    The Mammae Plus and Mammae Mystery were especially developed for larger cups. Thanks to their extra support, there is less risk for cracked nipples and stripes, and they have a slimming effect! 

  • Discreet breastfeeding? How is this done?

    Mammae helps to breastfeed comfortably around other people and in ‘public’ places. Thanks to the special opening you can breastfeed without showing your breasts. This will make you feel more comfortably and makes it easier to breastfeed. 

  • How do I avoid stripes on my breasts?

    You can try to prevent stripes by wearing a good bra that permanently supports your breasts. Common breastfeeding bras often offer support during wearing, but no during breastfeeding. And especially during breastfeeding, your breasts are at their ‘heaviest’. Mammae offer support during breastfeeding, which means that the skin does not have to carry the weight of the breast. 

  • How does the system work that indicates with which breast to start feeding?

    You can chose which flap is closed as the latest. This flap must be opened first. This shows you which breast to use first for feeding. 

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