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Ecological sustainability

With Mammae, you have a sustainable, high-quality and patented nursing bra in your possession. Years of research and development have preceded this bra. You can find more information about the production and background below.

Ecological sustainability

Mammae’s products are all made from high quality Oeko-Tex certified fabrics and materials. Oeko-Tex goes further than most quality labels. They set high standards for a large number of factors such as the use of chemicals and the wise use of water. Even the amount of noise and the quality of the air coming from the factories are taken into account. They consider the harmfulness of the substances to the environment, the workers and the consumers.

The production process
Each bra is carefully handmade, with special attention to detail and finishing. The production process of the Mammae bra consists of approximately 75 different steps. Compared to the production process of a regular bra this is extremely long, given that the production of a regular bra requires 40 to 45 steps.
It takes more or less 150 minutes to put the bra together. After production, the bras are carefully examined, one by one, and packed in such a manner that they cannot be damaged during transport.
The longer production process, in combination with the sustainable materials and humane production, partly explains the higher price of a Mammae bra.

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Sustainable products
In addition to the attention paid to people and the environment during production, we also strive to deliver a durable product- a product that holds on to its beauty and usefulness for a long time.
Each Mammae bra is thoroughly tested for a perfect fit, and the different materials used are also tested in different ways to ensure that the bra retains its shape and colour even after a longer period of nursing. High quality and sustainability are concepts that are entirely applicable to the Mammae bras!

The production of the Mammae bras takes place in Dongguan in the Guangdong province of China, about three hours from Hong Kong. The provinces of Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shandong are jointly responsible for over 70% of the total textile exports of China. In recent years, Dongguan has undergone explosive growth. Partly therefore, the local politicians are striving to counter polluting industries by, amongst others, investing considerably in clean energy and paying a lot of attention to water reduction and water purification. They also invest a great deal in the infrastructure, and parks have been created to brighten up the streets.

Working conditions in the factory
The factory is fully owned by a Dutch parent company. There is great attention to the people and to the environment, and the working conditions are optimally monitored. The factory is equipped with a modern kitchen where chefs prepare three nourishing meals a day for the factory workers. The workers are provided with comfortable work clothes and they are given the opportunity to take English lessons to work on their personal development.
Every new employee is trained for a period of three months, learning the different steps of the production process. The factory also enables personal growth and, after the training each employee is given a permanent employment contract and works for decent wages. An important vision within the factory is that every person is taken seriously and given a high degree of responsibility. The factory teaches the workers to look further ahead than they are used to. This is highly exceptional within Chinese culture and more specifically the factory culture.
Naturally, there is no child labour or forced labour, and all workers operate within the legally permitted working hours and in safe and healthy conditions. All this is strictly controlled by the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), and the factory is the proud owner of the BSCI certificate, proving that all requirements of the BSCI are met. By means of regular audits, the BSCI ensures that the factory remains up to date.


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