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The most frequently asked questions:

  • Which sizes are available?

    Mammae Classic ranges from B - F and girth  70-95. Girth 70 is available as from C/D/E/F cup in Purple Promise and Red Romance.
    Mammae Plus ranges from E-H, girth 75-95.
    Mammae Mystery is available in 70-95 B-I
    Mammae Soft exists in B-G, girth 75-90.

    Clothing is available in sizes XS up to XXL. 

  • Which colours are available?

    Mammae Classic exists in 2 colours: red and aubergine/purple.
    Mammae Plus can be found in taupe and violet.
    Mammae Mystery is available as from May in crème/white and as from October in black/deep grey. Mammae Soft is available in ivory and deep blue-green. 

  • How can I wash my bra?

    Mammae Classic and Mammae Plus are underwire bras. It is the best idea not to machine wash your bra. The reason is not that the tissue could not stand it (it is washable up to 30 °C) but the underwire could loosen. This could damage the washing machine. We therefore advise you to hand-wash your bra.

    Thoroughly rinse your bra afterwards, and smooth out the cups. Do not let allow the bra to dry directly close to a heath source.

    Dou you wish to machine wash your bra? Put your bra in a washing bag, choose hand-wash or wool-program and do not overload your machine. It goes without saying that you wash similar colours together.

     Never put items with Velcro together with the bra, this could damage the cups.

     Never put the bras in a tumble dryer. The tissue could shrink, meaning that the underwire no longer fits and could tear through the tissue!

    The Mammae Soft however can be machine washed at 30°C. 

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