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For a breastfeeding mother it is important to wear the correct size to prevent pinching. A pinching bra can obstruct the milk channels, which might result in breast infection.

75% of women wear a wrong bra size and this percentage even increases with pregnant and breastfeeding women! Therefore, take a new measure-rest at one of our points of sale.

The size table gives an indication for the collection that suits your needs. This is alas not always completely correct. The reason is the positioning of your breasts, or the difficulty of measuring your breasts correctly. We therefore advise you to have your bra measured at one of our points of sale. This ensures you choosing the correct collection and size!

Still pregnant?

As from the first month of your pregnancy your breasts change. Because of the expansion of mammary gland tissue they become heavier and fuller. By how much your breasts will expand is hard to predict. Make sure not to wear an undersized bra during this period. The Mammae Soft is ideal in the last months of your pregnancy.

The Mammae Soft is stretchy and grows with your breasts. Mammae Classic/Plus/Mystery are no grow-along bras and therefore cannot be worn during pregnancy.

The first week after delivery

Between the third and the fifth day after delivery you will experience engorgement. Your breasts are very swollen and feel sore. This also means that your breasts can increase by another cup size. The typical engorgement after delivery disappears after approximately 48 hours. During these days, you must absolutely avoid wearing a pinching bra. The Mammae Soft is ideal during the maternity week.

If you are breastfeeding for the first time, you can fully uncover your breast when wearing the Mammae Soft, which means that you can ‘learn’ how to breastfeed. Still, when visitors arrive you can choose for discreet feeding.

Already breastfeeding?

The ideal moment to go for the Mammae Classic/Plus/Mystery.

Points of attention when purchasing a Mammae Classic/Plus/Mystery.

  • When to buy the bra?
    • Just after breastfeeding: insert a hand behind the inside-bra ensuring that you still have sufficient space left over when your breasts  fill with milk.
    • With full breasts, your bra can be bought fitting. Make sure however that you can release the opening conveniently. See the next section.
  • It must be easy to release the opening and the tissue must fit loosely to your breast, see picture (too tight = too small; tissue flapping over nipple = too large).
  • The underwire must rest on your ribs and not on your breast tissue.


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